Bali Visa Options for FIFO Workers‏

By on September 2, 2014

Bali is becoming a popular place FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) workers.
Typically the family and kids live in Bali, while the FIFO worker
commutes back between their workplace and Bali. The family staying
in Bali, has several visa options including the social visa and
student KITAS, for the kids going to school.

The visa on arrival or VOA is one option for the FIFO worker. The
VOA is easy to get, but there are also many disadvantages. Such as,
having to wait in line each time they arrive in Bali to pay the fee
and get the visa. The VOA takes up half a page in a passport, so it
doesn’t take long for your passport to fill up. It is also a
‘single entry’ visa which means, it can only be used one

An alternative option is the multiple entry business visa (visa
code 221). It is valid for one year and allows a stay of up to 60
days at one time, before having to leave the country. When you
arrive to Bali, you don’t need to line up for a VOA. The
business visa requires sponsorship by a company.

Visa agents provide this service, as well as obtaining the letter
of approval from Jakarta. TKN Bali is one such agent that can
arrange this. They charge 3.5 million rupiah per year for the visa,
including the sponsor letter and recommendation letter from Jakarta
immigration. This does not include however the visa fee, which you
need to pay to the Indonesian embassy or consulate. It takes
approximately one week to process the visa.

Another option is the APEC business card. It allows visa free
travel between participating countries (including Indonesia).
Airports also have fast track lines for card holders. Unless you
are a CEO or CFO, you will need to be nominated by: the CEO, CFO,
regional head, owner or director of your company.

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