Nyepi Day in Bali March 9th 2016

By on March 9, 2015



Nyepi Day (aka silent day) is a day unlike anywhere else on the planet. Also known as Bali’s celebration of the Saka New Year, it is ultimately the quietest day of the year, when all of the islands inhabitants (locals and tourists) abide by a set of local rules (LAW) that brings all routine activities to a complete halt. The roads all over Bali are void of any traffic and nobody steps outside of his or her home or hotel. Lights are also not allowed or any type of music. For people staying in private villas, candlelight is your only option. It might sound weird to westerners but it really is a special day and the silence all over the island is amazing. No cars, no motorbikes, no planes (even the airport is closed)

Large on the spot fines are emposed by the banjar (council) security who are allowed and certainly do patrol the area to enforce the laws of Nyepi Day. It is considered VERY disrespectful not to abide by the rules for this day. Everybody plans their Nyepi day in advance. Staff very rarely work in any of the villas. The day before Nyepi is very busy in all the supermarkets and delis with lines often 50 people long so shop early.

Make the most of this beautiful quiet day. It really is a perfect opportunity for quality family / partner time. Remember, once it gets dark, make sure no lights can be seen coming from your villa. Nyepi is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime, especially since the preceding and following days are full of rare highlights with street parades and all Balinese are in their beautiful custom clothing!

Laws are to be abided by 10pm on the 8th of March til 6am on 10nd of March (airport transfers possible til midnight on the 8th and earlier than 6am on 10th)


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